Welcome to Cookies For Cures

We raise money to fund cancer research. 


Our mission is guided by our personal experiences with cancer.

About Us


Who We Are

Riley Farmer and Cece Chatterjee are best friends who founded Cookies for Cures to help many people affected by cancer. Riley and Cece bake sweet treats and sell them near their homes in Washington, Connecticut. All money goes towards cancer research. Riley's mom has cancer and Cece's grandfather lost his battle with cancer a few years ago.


How We Help

We help by raising money for cancer cure research. We sell cookies on the street of Washington, Connecticut and have received donations from many people to date. We hope to provide updates to our subscribers about when we will be selling!


What Can You Do?

Please read this website and we will keep you posted on how you can help! We hope to make shirts and other merchandise to raise money and to keep everyone posted of when we will be selling our cookies!  See above how you can subscribe, stay updated and donate!

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